Saturday, December 20, 2014

JoyRiders page 100

I feel like i should do something extra special for the 100th page, but it's just another part of the story, albeit one with pretty colors... enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elder Scrolls armor and environments

Some more concepts using the Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) Akavir lore.  I'm most happy with the idea behind the ruins of an ancient human city (top).  I pictured towering statues and columns, overgrown by even more towering nature. I want to return to this and tighten up the composition, maybe even bring it to a full painting later.

other concepts include varies cities adjacent to jungle and armor for the different peoples of Akavir.

And of course this is fan art for an intellectual property copyrighted by Bethesda Softworks.  I claim rights to the art itself but NOT the lore and world that inspired it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Concept for Tolkien's "Morgoth"

Pulled together a concept sketch for Tolkien's Morgoth (aka Melkor) from the Silmarillion.  Pretty proud of how this came out.

close up of Grond, the mythical hammer.  Did a lot of brainstorming before going with this design. 

design notes:
-went without armor for Morgoth as a way to say he's so powerful in a demigod-like way that he doesn't need it.

-his crown is modeled after stag horns and an emphasis on size and height, it also houses the 3 silmarillion gems

-although an evil character, he has an upright pose to show he's extremely proud and imposing

-for the decorative elements, I wanted to make him seem scary without resorting to bestial or monstrous imagery.  I went with gothic human faces for that regal creepiness

-for the hammer, Grond, it's I imagined a gothic black steel head shape with openings at the eyes and mouth to spew forth fire and smoke.  The "chin" area serves as the main hammering side.

-special note: I wanted to depict "The Dark Lord" while steering clear of the associations the Lord of the Rings movies had of glorifying western culture while villainizing tribal and middle eastern cultures, so for Morgoth I imagine him with very roman features: thin nose, thin lips, small mouth, but all with a colorless ash-grey tone.  I may depict this better with some color studies.