Sunday, February 23, 2014

Noah Bradley Art Camp: Week 12 (FINAL WEEK): Finishing

So  for the final week, we focused on *finishing*, also called polishing, or just generally the process of spending hours and hours on a single piece to get it really and truly "done."  

Because I just worked on a single piece, I don't have a lot of different ones to show, so I'm including a chaotic mix of in-process versions, all building up to the final version seen at the bottom.
(I may add some of the greyscale and in process sketches later, but for now I just need to get this online)

here's the finished piece


Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened? Anyting new?


Anonymous said...

Is there anybody out there?


Carl Meff said...

Hey Knut,
I'm still here, just been very busy for the past few months. Just wrapped up an 82 page continuation of my collaborative series Doctor Atlantis and am currently working on my concept art portfolio for San Diego Comic Con.

I'll upload more stuff as it comes.