Saturday, December 21, 2013

Noah Bradley Art Camp: Week 6.5 (w/break for Holidays): Photo-reference

Here's just a sampling from the first half of week 6, focused on working from Photo reference.  There's also a fair number of imagined works assigned, which I'm starting to get more into.  The underwater scene especially was nice, since I already had a strong pallet from the submarine photo-study. 

I'll make another post later for the rest of this week's works, and will continue to post these for the second half of the course :)


Anonymous said...

Hallo, Meff,
any new JoyRiders stuff?


Carl Meff said...

Hey Knut,
Thanks for asking. Not yet. I've been putting all my time and energy into my digital painting work to get serious about concept art, but it should have the added benefit of improving the art in Joyriders.

I have some exciting stuff planned for JoyRiders continuation, but I want to do it right and not rush out hohum work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Meff,

Your blog really gave me direction in my painting. Do you any latest pieces?


Carl Meff said...

Thank you, Datu, that's so kind of you to say!

Most of my digital painting focus these days is on my painted webcomic JoyRiders, it updates here but also at

I'll also be working on some pieces for my concept art portfolio, which you can find here:

And most of all, I'd recommend looking at a wide range of artists. I've been inspired by a lot of what is posted here: They recently did a post about Sergio Lopez whose grasp of color I find very inspiring myself.

Best of luck!