Saturday, December 21, 2013

Noah Bradley Art Camp: Week 6.5 (w/break for Holidays): Photo-reference

Here's just a sampling from the first half of week 6, focused on working from Photo reference.  There's also a fair number of imagined works assigned, which I'm starting to get more into.  The underwater scene especially was nice, since I already had a strong pallet from the submarine photo-study. 

I'll make another post later for the rest of this week's works, and will continue to post these for the second half of the course :)

Noah Bradley Art Camp: Week 5: Plein Air Landscapes

Week 5, Plein Air (fancy french for painting outdoors).  I was both psyched for and dreading this week.  I love nature and landscapes despite not being very good at them, however late November in Vermont is a hard time and place to work outdoors for hours, even without the issue of working digitally. 

Thankfully there were several establishments kind enough to let me work from the warm comforts of their tables while enjoying their delicious coffee.  Shout outs to:
The Putney General Store on Kimball Hill Rd. in Putney
Cafe Loco in Westminster by Harlow Farm off rt. 5
and last but definitely not least...
The Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in downtown Brattleboro, right off the bridge leading to Hinsdale
...this last place isn't a cafe but they were kind enough to let me sit, drink coffee and work off their *amazing* view (the one with the open water and hillsides).

If you're in their neck of the woods, pop into these places, they're wonderful AND have great views!

Noah Bradley Art Camp: Week 4: Self-Portraits

Week 4, Self portraits.  Even for someone who draws faces for living, painting the human face is tricky.  There's such subtlety in the edges and delicate handling around the features to make them look like a person and not a weird doll. It left me with a ton more respect for portrait painters.

This week I also started using more observed reference in my imagined drawings, as you'll see with all the alien faces that have an underlying "Meffness" to them.

Side by side doubles are masters studies, I claim no creative ownership of those (and damn Sargent is amazing).