Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mary Color studies

Today I focused on some various studies of the same subject (Mary) to test out different approaches.  In the top one I focused entirely on values and trying to find hard and soft edges within the figure. 

Then for the next two I tried a couple color overlays.  One with the "color" layer setting, the other with the "overlay" setting (the repeating words are mostly just coincidence).  I'm not crazy with how those looked... kinda greyed out and bleh

Finally, I tried another layer from scratch (using the grey layer as a guide but later hidden) and first blocked out the colors I felt worked, trying to lean towards desaturated hues, then using opacity to tighten them up (though I lost some of the darker shadows in the process).

I'm really liking this last approach, even the roughness of the strokes.  I'm still a ways off on this whole painting thing, but I think I'm starting to gain traction  :D

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