Thursday, November 15, 2012

24 hour comic posted up

hey all, i just posted my 24 hour comic from this year to be seen in all its weirdness. check it out on the righthand "pages" section. Here's a snippet preview of the first few pages.

Also, if you wanna see some work by the only artist that stuck it through to the bitter end, check out some Luke Howard, awww yeah

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Figure Drawing, aka NEKKID PEOPLES!!!i've

Well I'm going back to figure drawing again this semester (more like crashing it) and I figured I'd share a sampling of studies and sketches from it.

it's pretty simplistic but i really liked how these top two came out when i used chunky graphite

read the side notes for a peek into what my brain is doing most of the time

used a very dry brush along with my pen for this one... interesting results

i've really been focused on planes and capturing dimension lately, leading to a lot of framework looking sketches
At first I was gonna space them out, but then I thought screw it, so here's all the ones I scanned recently.

I'll try to be better about sharing stuff from my sketchbook in the future.