Saturday, September 29, 2012

A word to you MICE-kateers...

NOT my art, you can tell because a loving hand clearly made it.
...Since Saturday is going to be full of handing out business cards to other fantastic comic creators in the New England area, I wanted to give you all the 411 on what I've got for you to see:

                             "Doctor Atlantis"
This series is a collaborative labor of love between myself and writer Ian Ally-Seals, head of Rare Earth Comics (also the presenters of my JoyRiders webcomic)
from the first issue!!! where do we go from here?!

It's a high seas, steampunk adventure full of sea monsters, fantastical ships, cutthroat cannibals and british imperialists.  It was distributed nation-wide last June and has gotten some great reviews already from Kastor's Corner and the Stumptown Trade Review, as well as a loverly write-up from a loverly lady, Jen Vaughn.
things get real
You can find some previews of the first few issues on my blog, but if you want to read the whole thing (and you really should) you should order the first volume (collecting issues 1-3) from your local brick and mortar comic store. 

I'm already hard at work on the art for issue 6, which when finished will be followed by the release of volume 2 (issues 4-6).

This series follows a Breakfast Club-esque group of teens from a dead end town as they discover a ship that can take them beyond what they thoughts was possible.

This is a once a week series, full color and 39 pages in so far.  It's a slow boil series, but it will be going in some amazing directions, some of which even I couldn't guess!
spoiler alert: stuff happens
The pages can be seen on my blog, but they come out each week FIRST at Rare Earth Comics, so bookmark it up!
my rarely seen "hiatus" page, and i'm now off hiatus!
*phew*! Shameless self-promotion is hard work! Anyways, I hope these more recent works, and my older stuff will keep you entertained and perhaps even hooked on works to come.  And if all that isn't enough, I've also got some of my other work on display on my digital portfolio at Carbon Made
Feel free to follow, comment, or email me anything you feel like saying or asking.

After all.... we all make comics, how awesome is that?

old picture, I'm now about one beard lighter.

Friday, September 28, 2012

JoyRiders page 39

 check out JoyRider updates FIRST at Rare Earth Comics

(side note: after coloring in RGB like an idiot for all the previous pages, I've finally switched over to using CMYK and saving as PNG starting with this one.  Fun fact for you art nerds, meaningless for your normal folk)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

sketchbook page, Tartakovsky studies

I looooove Gennedy Tartakovsky (though I still probably spell his name wrong).  Here's some studies of this drawing style from the Star Wars Clone Wars shorts.... if you haven't seen them, fix that.

Monday, September 17, 2012

sketchbook page, mary dancing

So as it does, a completely obvious idea hit me a few days back: I sketch all the time, why don't I just post some of  *those* pages? So here's the first of MANY, and of greatly varying neatness (they get messier than this!) and scale.  It's a quick sketch I did of one of the characters from JoyRiders, Mary, just grooving out.  I'm trying to do more drawings of my characters acting they way they would naturally, to get more in their skin.