Sunday, May 20, 2012

Were you at MECAF?

Hey everyone,
I handed out quite a few business cards at the Maine Comic Arts Festival (MECAF) so some of you may have followed the link to here.  I just got in from a long drive and my bed is calling, but early tomorrow I'll be posting a big update to make your visit worthwhile.

Thanks to everyone who bought copies of "The Book of Coloring," I was really touched by how much people liked the concept of it.  Thanks also to anyone who just came by to check out my other works or talk comics.  Keep an eye on this blog, some of the things i'll be posting about include:
-details on the convention
-more info on Doctor Atlantis
-links to my webcomic JoyRiders
-the process of making The Book of Coloring

and much more! Until then, take care.

-Carl Meff


Colin Tedford said...

It's only on seeing this post that I realize I walked right past your table without recognizing you! I didn't notice your name on the book. Sorry! I'm glad you wandered by our table.

Carl Meff said...

No worries, Colin! Even a low-key con like mecaf is a bit hectic. i waited until the last minute to make my rounds and probably missed a lot of familiar faces too. Glad to see you there though :D