Saturday, December 31, 2011

JoyRiders is on it's way!

After blabbing to anyone who would listen about it, I'm finally officially announcing the upcoming premiere of my first ever webcomic.  It's working title was "WanderLust" but I'll be moving ahead with the official title "JoyRiders."  It's a mad-cap, multi-genre teen drama adventure, though to be perfectly honest I don't know it'll ultimately be.  This project is a chance to crank out pages, hone my craft and experiment like crazy, so it should be interesting. 

Rare Earth Comics, the creator-owned comic publisher headed by Ian Ally-Seals, will be presenting the series on their website.  Though the updates will be posted on both REC and my own Blog, I urge you to follow them on REC where you can also see news on my other series, Doctor Atlantis, and follow other great Rare Earth Comic series.

The posting schedule will be three times a week, on monday, wednesday and friday.  After a month I plan to archive each month's set in the "Pages" section on the right hand side along with my other series.  I'm excited to set forth on this new venture and welcome the input of friends and strangers alike!

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