Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amazing News!!! The Center for Cartoon Studies has acquired a new and beautiful building to add to it's classrooms and campus.  A couple weeks back we all got a surprise during a reading party when we went to see the unused Post Office Building downtown that CCS was set to purchase, and shortly after that the deal went through.

Normally I don't blab on my blog (I just throw up pictures) but this event has got me really excited.  CCS has always been an amazing school tucked into whatever buildings it could use, but having seen it with my own eyes, this building can add a lot of prestige and grandeur this institution.  I don't know the exact history, but it's from WRJ Glory Days and has some of that white marble, neo-classical architecture that old government buildings had when they still meant to impress. 

And the best part for folks like? It'll have a special alumni studio space :D

Oh, and I should specify, I didn't draw this.  Don't want to take credit for stuff that's not mine :P

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